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Custom Parrot Keycap

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Please be aware that this listing will only be up until May 10th, 18:00 CET

These keycaps are made for Cherry MX switches and are intended to be put on the top row of your keyboard. Please double check your keyboard and switches to see if it will fit.

Every keycap is unique!

After purchasing you email me with your requirements. I'm happy to make small edits to the model to fit your bird, such as adding a crest. 

Instead of a first-come-first-served approach, your keycap will be grouped in a batch with similar-colored keycaps, as this is the most efficient way to work for me. You will always be able to see your spot in the queue on my Trello.

I aim to finish at least two keycaps per week. Depending on the length of the queue it might take a few months before you have your keycap in hand. Please be aware of this.

- How are they made?
These keycaps are printed in UV resin. After printing, small irregularities are filled up and the keycap is sanded. I use spray primer to provide better attachment to the paints. Then, the keycap is painted. A topcoat protects the painted keycap from scratches. Finally, I gloss the beak and eyes with gloss varnish, and the keycap is done :)