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Charity Collection

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Simply.Issydesign and I teamed up to help out our favorite local wildlife shelter, Vogelklas Karel Schot! Our charity collection consists of 3 handmade watercolors by Issy, and 3 enamel pins by me. 

Low subsidies and crazy inflation unfortunately already caused another local shelter to close, leaving surrounding rescues to pick up the pieces. Karel Schot is one of those rescues.

What you will get:

Pins: Barn Owl, Male House Sparrow, Female House Sparrow. 

Paints: BirbPans filled with, 

  • Slippery Falcon | PY43, PR101, A rich orange. 
  • Brazen Beak | PBr 8, PBk11. Granulating Moody Green made with Green Umber and Black Iron Oxide
  • Swallow's Roost | PBr8, PB29, PBk11 Granulating Moody Brown with a hint of blue

Only 15 sets available in my shop. Sold out? Check Issy's webshop to see if she has some available still!