The Flock

  • Dikkie

    Dikkie is always happy, especially when he's getting into trouble! He's a bubbly and easy-going lovebird who loves food and attention.

  • Pien

    Hyperactive and a little crazy, you shouldn't try to let Pien step up without expecting a bite. Kisses are fine, however!

  • Taco

    Taco is Dikkie and Pien eldest daughter. She acts like it too, being a bit more serious than her two siblings.

  • Olijfje

    Olijfje is the middle daughter. She has a very loud chirp, which almost sounds like barking. As always, watch your fingers around that beak!

  • Spruitje

    Spruitje is the youngest son. He's a little clown and always getting into trouble. We joke about how we didn't tame him, we just made him fearless!

  • Nugget

    Nugget is a sweet and quiet boy. He never gets into trouble and loves sitting on your shoulder while you play video games. He plucks his shoulders, but that doesn't make him any less pretty.

  • Bibi

    Although she is very sweet to humans, Bibi is territorial of her cage. She'll let the other birds know she's the boss, too. Don't try her!

  • Ramune

    Ramu was found on the street and came from the bird rescue together with Matcha. They were deeply in love. After Matcha's passing, Ramu became very tame and attached to me. She's super sweet and cuddly.

  • Charlie

    Charlie speaks mostly in sounds she learns from Pino. If you ask for her name, she might even tell you that her name is "Pino!".

  • Pino

    Pino had behavioral issues when he came here, resulting in dive-bombing anyone he didn't like. Since then, he's calmed down a lot.

  • Remi

    Although his name is Remi, he is often called Broccy since his face looks like a broccoli when he raises his crest.

  • Sheiko

    Sheiko has been through some homes and is cage-bound because of this. His favorite phrase is "Tot straks!", which is Dutch for "See ya later!"

  • All of the bourkes are blind. Even though they have special needs, they do really well together! They always manage to find each other and perch together. I often catch them singing, and they always eat together. All of them know how to climb ladders to get to their perches, which looks very adorable.

  • Fristi

    Fristi was found on the street and brought to the bird rescue. I fell in love immediately and brought him home. He is the tamest of the bourkes.

  • Starbucks

    After adopting Fristi, I found it hard to keep a blind bird amused. So I started looking for another blind bourke. A kind person offered us Starbucks. She is very cute and has a strong personality!

  • Milkshake

    When looking for friends for Fristi, a kind person offered Milkshake to us. She is a former breeder, elderly, and mostly blind as well. Despite her age she is a very happy bird that chirps a lot.

  • Freekje

    Freek was my very first parrot. He was very sweet and shy, unlike the usual lovebird! His favorite food was tangerine. He passed away at 6 years of age. I'm happy with the time we got to spend together.

  • Witlof

    Witlof came to us at 5 years old, missing toes and horribly clipped. She wasn't very tame, but she had a very funny and quirky personality. Unfortunately she passed away at 6 years of age.

  • Matcha

    Matcha was found on the street and came from the bird rescue together with Ramune. He had health issues that couldn't be cured. He was a very special bird and we miss him a lot.